Driver Authorization Card (DAC)

19 Nov

Documents You Will Need
To obtain a Driver Authorization Card, you must provide any one of the documents listed in the
“Documents You Will Need” section on page 7 OR one of the following documents:
• U.S. Military Identification Card
• U.S. Military Dependent Identification Card
• United States Armed Forces discharge document
• U.S. Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood

two of the following documents:
• Driver Authorization card, driver’s license or identification card issued by another state, the
District of Columbia, or any U.S. territory
• Passport issued by a foreign government
• Birth certificate issued by a foreign government
• Mexican Federal Electoral Card
• Consular identification card
• Any document issued by a foreign government that the Department determines is substantially
similar to a consular identification card

Documents in a Foreign Language

Any document in a foreign language must be properly translated to English by a DMV-approved translator before it can be accepted. Translated documents must include all of the following. No abstract translations will be accepted.

A typed or electronically-printed full and complete translation of the entire document
• Date the translation was completed
• DMV-approved Translator Number issued by the Nevada DMV
• Translator’s printed name and signature
• The following typed or electronically printed statement:
“I, [insert translator’s full legal name], certify that the foregoing is a complete and accurate translation from [insert foreign language] to the English language to the best of my ability. I further certify that I am fully competent to translate from [insert foreign language] into the English language and that I am proficient in both languages.
DMV-approved Translator Number: ________________”

A driver authorization card is not valid for federal or state identification purposes and cannot be used to determine eligibility for any benefits, licenses or services issued or provided by the State of Nevada.
Information used to obtain a driver authorization card will not be released or used to determine legal presence or immigration status.
All rules and regulations pertaining to a license or instruction permit also pertain to a driver authorization card, except as otherwise provided in this handbook.

Proof of Nevada Residency
Applicants for an original Real ID or standard identification card, instruction permit or driver’s license
must provide proof of Nevada residential address.
Applicants for a Driver Authorization card must provide proof of Nevada residential address during original issuance, renewal or address change transactions.

Documents Proving Residency Status
Every applicant must prove his or her residency in this state. The applicant must present an original or certified copy of any two of the following documents which reflect a residential address in Nevada.


Receipt for the rent or lease of a residence
• Lease of a residence on which the applicant appears
as the lessee
• Record from a public utility for a service address
• Bank or credit card statement
• Employment check stub
• Document from a state or federal court
• Record, receipt or bill requesting payment
• Record from an educational institution in Nevada
which establishes enrollment or an ID card issued by
the educational institution
• Record from a hotel, motel, recreational vehicle park
or campground located in Nevada indicating no fewer
than 30 days of consecutive residency in this state
• Voter registration card issued by a county clerk or
county registrar of voters pursuant to NRS 293.517
• Documentation of receipt of benefits from any State of
Nevada program of public assistance
• Leave and Earnings Statement or equivalent or
successor form which indicates Nevada residency of
an applicant who is a member of the military deployed
outside of Nevada while serving on active duty
• Notarized statement from the owner of a residence
indicating that the applicant physically resides at the


Document issued by an insurance agency or its
agent, including, without limitation, an insurance card,
binder or bill
• Tax records other than property taxes
• Record of property taxes assessed or paid
• Deed of trust or other documentation of a current
• Confidential Address Program (CAP) documents
issued pursuant to NRS 217.462-.471

A parent or guardian of an applicant under the age of 18 years may prove the applicant’s residence by:
• Presenting original or certified copies of any two documents listed above, OR
• Signing a DMV-approved form verifying the applicant resides at the same address as the parent
or legal guardian.

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