A Driver Authorization Card is valid for four years and will expire on your birthday. You must carry your DAC with you at all times while operating a motor vehicle. All renewals and address changes must be completed in person.

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Safe Driving for Work

Drivers must hold a valid driving licence for the vehicle being driven and carry it while driving. It is vitally important to understand and obey all the rules of the road and to update yourself regularly on road safety. Drivers have an individual responsibility for their driving behaviour. Drivers must assess their fitness to drive. Never drink and drive. Never drive under the influence of drugs [prescribed or over-the counter]. Never drive when tired. Drivers must wear a seat belt on every journey.

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Medicines and driving

Check with your doctor or pharmacist whether any over-the counter or prescribed medicines you are taking are likely to affect your driving (for example, by causing drowsiness). If so, ask for an alternative that does not affect driving, or avoid driving altogether.

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